Frequently asked questions
  • What issues do you specialize in treating?

          I specialize in treating all kinds of acute and chronic pain, headaches, whiplash, head injury, 

          TMJ, anxiety, depression, infertility and provide pre- and post-surgery care. I also believe in                the poweof regular or seasonal sessions for self-care, cleansing and overall wellness.

  • What issues can be addressed with shamanic healing?

          Shamanic healing seeks to address the energetic and spiritual aspect of illness or dis-ease.  

          Some of the issues that can present are depression, anxiety, loss of self, acute or chronic

          pain, a streak of bad luck, not being able to move forward in life as well as others.

  • Do you give Chinese herbal remedies? 

         Yes, I am a trained Chinese herbalist and carry patent formulas for many conditions.

  • Can children get treatments?

          I do treat children and especially  like to work with young adults. I can do needle-free                            treatments using Shonishin pediatric "acupuncture" as well as do Core Synchronism for an      

          treatment. For young adults, we can decide with the parents what treatment option is best for 

          everyone's comfort.

  • Do you accept insurance?

          I currently do not accept insurance, but am happy to provide receipts for reimbursement

          and can process your HSA cards. A sliding scale is negotiable when needed. 

  • Do you do massage therapy-only sessions any longer?

         No, I currently offer acupuncture sessions that include massage as needed.


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