Ancestors at the threshold of Water and Mineral. We have passed nearly through a major period of cleansing, rebirth and renewal. We find ourselves at the cusp between the time of cleansing and entering into our collective narrative again. What is next, we ask?

A better question is: What is now?

It is now time to gather the medicine of the resting and retreating we've been doing and allow it to transform us. There is still time to distill the wisdom that has come during this downtime. Do not miss the opportunity for radical transformation! Consider what you have learned and what needs shedding. Are you clear on how you want to enter into this next phase? How will you show up now to write the collective story and the way forward?

I ask you: What will our children and our descendants say that we did during this time? You do not need to have children to answer this question. We all have those that come after us. Let us think of them and listen for their wisdom. They depend on us. What are they trying to say?

This month, we are being asked to orient around the anchor of our own personal healing. There is solitary work to do. This is work to be done in the absence of our community, inside of ourselves. We are being asked to continue to "mother" ourselves, belong to ourselves and come home to ourselves. This is the path of wisdom and our primary responsibility this month. We are assured by the Ancestors and Allies that the transformation of what isn't true and beautiful is happening.

You may find that the shadow of our current collective trauma is burdening your heart. If this is so, please make time to connect with the spirits of the land near you. On a walk, from your window, or by sensing out in to the landscape, allow for connection with what is near you - the mountains, trees, birds, forests, lakes, rivers and others. Speak out loud to these beings! Offer them your gratitude and greeting. Ask for their help. Listen and feel for their reply. Let your heart be lifted.

May ritual suggestion: Journey or sit quietly and invite in your well Ancestors and Allies. Ask them to help you to connect with your descendants. Invite them to teach you about what is needed now, both personally and collectively. Ask them how to heal and make change. When you are finished, thank them all for their help and guidance.

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Ancestors in Nature near Water. We are no longer at the threshold of transformation. We are in it and are being asked to allow the Great Transformation to nudge us toward peace and a more peaceful existence. The Ancestors and Allies guide us in the direction of peace. This peace will require our grief and our authenticity. This peace will require that we flow with the old ways of wisdom and slow down to meet them. If we can do this, we can meet ourselves in a new way. We cannot live at a pace that is faster than Life.

What we will find within the peace - if we choose to embrace this - is a deeper wisdom that allows for innovation and spiritual alertness, but honors our animal natures and instinctual selves, too. In this we can find the path to clarity that helps us to shine our light broadly, peacefully, unapologetically.

In this time of community retreat, we are being asked to mother ourselves, to mother and nurture our physical bodies and take time for personal healing and growth. Develop yourself and take care of yourself. We can support each other to do this by respecting each other and this sacred space of personal healing and self mothering.

Do practices that help the mind to flow as well. Do not allow the busy mind to get stuck or to fixate. If you feel this, get up and move, let if flow. Shift your state.

We are learning how to surrender to the changes brought about by Nature.

Most importantly: We must address the shadow. It is clearly in the center of everything now. The shadow hovers over our relationship with the Earth and therefore clouds our own sense of identity and belonging. We are lost. We must understand that our belonging is tied to the Earth, our home. It is a core wound, a deep shadow, to think otherwise.

It is important to use our relationship with the Ancestors and Allies and to use magic to create new structures for living in both of our homes - the Earth as Home and our physical home. This shadow of forgetting our identity has sounded a loud wake up call that has shaken our foundations and caused our work and life to be upended and rearranged.

We don't know what happens next. But it must be done with Love. Our platform of power is wobbly now, as it should be. There is change and peace needed to make things well.

The key will come through our clarity. The word clarity comes from Middle English and refers to divine splendor. Please consider the divine splendor that lives in you. Please bring the qualities of your divine splendor to the task at hand.

Finally, we are encouraged to find our voice and use it to become visible and strong. The Ancestors and Allies are nudging us from behind to find our voice to bring about a change of season for our own sake and for the sake of the Earth.

April ritual suggestion: Invite in the wise Ancestors and Allies to bring their blessing as you face the shadow. I invite you to make two pictures or drawings. The first to illustrate your shadow and/or our collective shadow, so you can "see" it. Allow yourself to find Love for it, and ask for help in transforming it. The second is to illustrate a vision for a transformation, one that you can hold for your own peace and our collective peace. Ask for this vision to be blessed. Thank the Ancestors and Allies for their support.

You can reach out to me to schedule a personal divination or shamanic healing session here.

Ancestors in Nature. Your heart of devotion is a focal point this month. The Ancestors and Allies would like you to see that there is a molting that is wanting to occur there, an uncovering of something new. The heart of devotion is that part of you that offers service and support to others and to the world. Ask yourself: How do I serve now? What is needed now? What is the new perspective that is growing in my heart that I can show the world? A Springtime rebirth is about to happen in the way that you express your devotion and contribute to the greater good.

In addition, there is clarification needed around your work and life path. Find your clarity and invite the changes that are on the horizon. The transformation is on it's way: don't fight it. The Ancestors and Allies want you to know that you have the resources you need to make the change.

This month you can put the phase of rest and retreat behind you! The key to flow this month is in finding the magic of the body. Movement, cleansing and hydrating the body will bring a greater sense of abundance and will help your inner light to shine.

In your inner landscape, there are some dense energies and false beliefs that need focus and addressing. These heavy energies are impacting your embodiment, the expression of your wisdom through your voice and are holding down your genius. The Ancestors and Allies support you stepping in to your genius and creative power. See the ritual below to quiet these energies.

Your platform of power comes through standing out, communicating your vision and allowing your community to witness your personal gifts and contributions to the world. Nudge yourself gently to be more seen and heard. Know that you are not standing alone, but are standing with your Allies.

Finally, there is peacemaking that is needed with your Ancestors. This is a continuation of last month's message. If you are holding grudges or conflicts with your ancestors and it is time, tell them that it is time to make peace. Offer them libations of water to purify and forgive each other. This means to pour water for them. I usually do this near a tree close to my home. If additional help is needed, seek out someone who can assist you with ancestral healing work.

March ritual suggestion: Create sacred space by inviting in your Allies and well Ancestors and ask for their help. Write down repetitive negative thoughts and limiting or false beliefs on small pieces of paper. Ask for these to be quieted and then composted. Wrap them and place them in the freezer for at least a month. Then bring them outside and bury or cover them in the earth. Thank the Allies and Ancestors for their help.

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This month's divination spread.

© 2018 Erin Love         Photography by Pacha